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Why a Perfume Shop Uses Testers

Most companies now use testers for their perfume, in order to better advertise their products and inspire consumers to buy their products. The perfume testers are small bottles of perfume which are usually found next to the perfume they are advertising. Consumers can try each perfume out whilst they are in the store, and if they like the smell, they will then buy a bottle for themselves. These testers are usually marked as Not for Resale, these testers are an excellent way for manufacturers to offer consumers, a sample of their product for free.

Most manufacturers for women’s fragrances have found they had better success with testers, so now, most men’s fragrances have testers too. While usually found within smaller packaging, some testers can be seen in dispensers too. This means more samples can be tested without the fear of it running out. Many manufacturers and consumers feel these larger containers do not represent the scent of the perfume they are advertising.

For this very reason, most of the top manufacturers will not place their product in any bigger bottles. Even though most testers have a paper swatch that consumers can spray or apply the perfume, they usually apply it straight on to their skin, this will give them a more realistic smell of the perfume on their bodies.

Every fragrance will take on a specific scent once it is applied to the skin. By using the tester, a consumer will find out what the perfume will actually smell like, once it is applied to their skin. These testers do the job which used to be done by employees in a perfume shop. Consumers were once approached by employees and asked if they would like to test a sample the scent. However, today, consumers are able to help themselves by using testers, in order to sample any new fragrances.

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